Improving your Terraced Home

3 Ways to Improve Your Terraced Home

In the UK more than a quarter of all houses are terraced. With their solid walls and original features, the last decade has seen this house style surge in popularity.

Improving your terraced home

1 – New Kitchen Extension

Most kitchens in terraced homes are small narrow rooms to the rear or the property with direct access to the garden with a passage to the side. The easiest and most popular way to extend the kitchen would be to extend into the side return. This will usually add 1-2m in width creating a good-sized space, big enough for the open-plan kitchen and family room most people want

2 –  Loft Conversion

Loft Conversions are the cheapest way to extend your home, so there is no wonder people are increasingly looking upwards for more space.  Before you do anything make sure the minimum height in the loft is 2.3 metres at the pitch.  You will need to consider enough head space for the staircase access also. A good Architectural Designer will be able to give you an idea of how much space you will have and different design options.

3 – Porch

By adding a porch to your terraced home it will stop all the heat escaping from the home on wintery days and can be a handy storage place for coats and shoes. It’s an edition to the home that doesn’t usually require Planning Permission, however there are some instances it will. Not only will a new porch ass more space to your home but it will improve the curb appeal.

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