Leeds housing allowed on appeal

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has allowed on appeal outline proposals by developer Miller Homes for up to 104 new homes at Boston Spa, Leeds, originally refused by the city council. The inspector who held the recovered appeal had recommended that consent should be given.

The site was not currently allocated for development under the emerging Leeds Sites Allocation Plan (SAP) but was identified as having potential for future housing development.

In the draft Clifford Neighbourhood Plan the site was treated as a so-called Protected Area of Search. However Clark’s decision letter argued that as the neighbourhood plan was at a relatively early stage this should be given limited weight.

Clark made it clear that the deciding factor was the lack of evidence of a five year supply of deliverable housing sites, a position which was likely to remain the case for at least another year as the SAP was refined.

The SoS said that taking the policies of the development plan and the National Planning Policy Framework as a whole “the adverse impacts of granting the proposed development are limited” and did not outweigh the benefits of a boost to the supply of new housing.

View the recovered appeal: land at Grove Road, Boston Spa