Builders in Leeds

Great Yorkshire Builders in Leeds have recently been established to provide new and innovative ways to deliver residential building work across Yorkshire. We specialise in extensions, renovations, loft conversions and new builds, and have been formed with the vision to become the best building team in the region, by researching problems in the industry and then trying to find and implement systems to overcome them. Many of our team has been involved with CK Architectural and have enjoyed building to their plans and under their project management.

The GYB 6 Step Process

Step One – Full Assessment
We go over all your requirements and thoroughly check the site and property.
Step Two – Quotation
You will get a fully detailed easy to read quotation.
Step Three – Pre Start
We provide a full programme of works and introduce you to the on and off site support team.
Step Four – Build
Once building work begins we will provide you weekly updates and regular contract/programme reviews.
Step Five - Pre Completion
Once the building has reached its final stages we will agree on the final completion and sign off items so you’re fully satisfied.
Step Six – Enjoy!
Once everything is signed off enjoy your new space and we’re never far away if you need us back.

Problems people face when building

1. Running over budget

If the initial details and requirements are not captured there will almost always be extra costs during the build. Also if the full site and property are not checked then more unknown unquoted items will come to light, again increasing the costs.

2. Not knowing what you signed up for

Quotes without details and contracts on the back of cigarette packets lead to arguments later down the line with no recourse, often becoming devastating to the project.

3. Unforeseen costs

There are many unknown items when excavating the ground or stripping back the walls, you never know exactly what you are up against, and costs can come out of nowhere without good planning.

4. Builders underestimating and reclaiming costs

Often a client will pick the cheapest builder but find they soon have to pay the difference themselves leading to heavy buyer’s remorse once a builder realises there’s no way the project can actually be done at the agreed price.

5. Not understanding the responsibilities

Once a builder starts on site they are responsible for everything, including the application of the building regulations drawings and on site sizes.

6. Bad planning

Not doing the right checks or writing a coherent programme of work leads to work being done incorrectly or in the wrong order. Abortive work will end up costing the client far more than expected and can have considerable repercussions.

The demand for building works

This started to slow in 2022 only to meet a new rate of inflation. We are starting to see a drop in demand recently and hope things will settle down again in the near future. Meanwhile, we try to be as competitive as possible and transparent with our costs, although building costs are higher now post COVID than ever before.

Increase in cowboy builders

The problem with an elongated boom period is people are desperate for work, this gives people who perhaps should not be in business the opportunity to gain work. Sometimes it’s more honest chancing than a sinister tactic to get paid, but either way, it ends up with a lot of rogue traders slipping through the cracks.

The Great Yorkshire Builders Solution

We pride ourselves on excellent delivery every time to our clients. We will assess everything thoroughly before committing our client to a contract, checking all drawings, building control items, drainage, property condition etc before quoting. We also make sure we capture your personal requirements and get as much detail as possible to avoid disappointment or the building not delivering as it should. As an organisation, we like to write programmes and keep you in the loop all the way through so you know what to expect during the process and understand any delays or complications so that you will get to make choices at the right time.

We have set the bar as Great Yorkshire Builders now it’s time to make you agree…

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