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Our Team

Chris Lawson

Managing Director / Senior Designer

Chris is the founder and managing director of CK Architectural, working on projects of all scales as well as running the business as a whole.

Kevin O’Leary

Project Manager / Senior Designer

With over 26 years of expertise in the design and management of building projects for a variety of clients including, residential, healthcare, commercial, education and pharmaceutical, Kevin is passionate about assisting individuals in fully optimising their properties. His technical proficiency ensures that his designs incorporate practical and sustainable solutions, making him an invaluable resource for property owners.

Liam O’Brien

BA (Hon) Architectural Design

Architectural Designer

Liam is one of the longest-serving members of the design team, helping to manage multiple projects and deal with sales too.

Stephen Gale

BA & B Architecture, ARB


Steve is our longest-serving architect, spearheading projects of all shapes and sizes. He’s worked with huge commercial clients as well as smaller residential projects, giving each and every one the care and consideration they need.

Graham Carr

BA (Hons) Architecture, Graduate Diploma in Architecture, Cmaps


Graham is our longest-serving architectural technician/technologist. He works with the rest of the team with his technical knowledge to solidify designs and drawings into practical and sustainable solutions.

Matt Sharp,

BA (Hons) Architecture


Matt is a pivotal designer for the CK team, operating across the whole of the Yorkshire county as well as working with clients across the rest of the country too. He takes on projects of all sizes too, taking them from initial designs right through to planning, building regulations, and the project management stage.

Charles Speight

BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology


Based in West Yorkshire, Charles is a skilled technician working with the CK team making sure that designs are completed perfectly, supporting the architectural team and working with clients directly to ensure the best possible design.

Josh Daniel


Josh works with numerous members of the team as well as with clients directly to ensure that all projects have what they need to move forward with the best possible chance of success through his meticulous attention to detail.


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