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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering in and around Leeds by expert architectural designers

Structural Engineering

In addition to our other architectural services, we also provide professional structural engineering in Leeds and the surrounding areas as well. This specialises specifically in the structure of buildings and creating efficient designs optimised for your build, in more ways than people think.

  • Effective Materials
  • Efficient Designs
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Future Proofed Projects
  • Economic Considerations
  • Health and Safety Regulated

They determine the strength, load and durability of a building and are a key professional requirement in the construction process when making internal alterations, extensions or loft conversions. Structural engineers are able to assess a building’s safety and will provide specifications and calculations for the design, as well as suggesting building materials.

How we Can Help

Structural engineering can play a key part in your home extension project, and our structural engineering service in Leeds, Halifax, Bradford and the wider West Yorkshire area offers high quality advice and options, typical for residential engineering design.

We can also cater for larger commercial projects that require must more complex considerations, simply contact us with your specific project needs.

An engineer will provide calculations for loading and other requirements before the build begins. This will ensure the regulations are met efficiently and you receive the required building certificate if any alterations exceed the normal guidance.

This information may also need to be provided to Building Control or, depending on the scale of the renovation, to Planning Officials in order to obtain planning permission. CK Architectural Leeds provide structural design calculation to support the need for beam’s, roof conversions and foundations.

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