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Building Regulations in Leeds & West Yorkshire

Tailored building control and building regulations drawings in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield by Building Regulations experts

CK Architectural provide building regulations drawings to clients across Leeds, Bradford & across West Yorkshire. A local member of the team will help you with your building regulations and building control drawing needs, no matter what stage of the architectural process you are currently involved with or who has done work for you previously. 

After 8 years in the industry, CK Architectural has grown its technical support hub into no less than 6 architectural technologists and technicians (not counting our designers and architects). We have vastly experienced professionals solely dedicated to building regulations, detailed regulations and working drawings all at your disposal to ensure your project has the tools and expertise it needs to be a success. That is on top of great working relationships with Building Control authorities across the whole of West Yorkshire too.

CK Architectural Leeds

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How Building Regulations Work

Building regulations are the legal standards for building in the UK. They are a list of approved documents which cover all aspects of construction and are vital for your build to be legally sound, as well as ensuring that your home insurance is validated and your property is safe. You need to get your build signed off to gain a building certificate and prove that the work is legitimate, and that’s also very important when selling the property, too.

Building control requirements in Leeds, like the rest of the UK, change in line with new legislation and advancements in construction technologies over time. They cover all kinds of aspects of building work, from structural integrity, safety, in case of emergencies, and access, as well as things like heat, light, efficiency, safety and much more.

We continuously improve our building specification knowledge and skills to tackle the ever-changing building control requirements and new materials/building methods. We also have an in-house structural engineer who provides the design and calculations required for building control on complicated structural steel and foundations. 

What We Do

We provide building regulations drawings and specifications to help you gain building control approval wherever you are in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, or anywhere else in West Yorkshire. More specifically, our services vary from basic compliance to concise building instructions for tender and contracting of builders, and we tailor this to you and your project needs when you choose how you’d like to work with us.

We also submit our building control drawings to your local authority building control on your behalf at no additional cost other than the submission fees, taking the hassle away from you and giving you a smooth and seamless service throughout your journey with our team.

Building Regulations Services We Offer

Basic Building Regulations

Basic building regulations will cover all of the essential approved documents and provide an illustrated guide as to how the design can meet these requirements. This is something that can often be used as a guide point by builders but is in no way equivalent to working drawings. their own drawings and site inspection should still be carried out.

Detailed Building Regulations

Detailed building regulations are more in-depth than the basic regulations, and include finishes, timber/foundation/drainage plans, internal layouts drainage, construction details, collation of engineer, acoustic, heat loss calculations, service points etc. These help to get a firmer fixed builder quote and capture more of your requirement and build method instructions.

Working Drawings

Working Drawings are drawings setting out all aspects of the construction project, looking at finishes, all construction details, electricals, joinery and much more ready for builders to work from directly. Also assumes more responsibility for the drawing. These are necessary for higher-value building projects especially if you have project management or contracts involved.

Other Services We Offer

We provide a wealth of additional services alongside our building regulations drawings in Leeds & west Yorkshire. We can upgrade your basic building regulations with work schedules, and contracts, create a schedule of works to make the builder agreement tighter and so much more, but we always recommend a higher level of detailed drawing to support your project properly.

Of course, on top of this, we also offer concept designs, architectural drawings, planning services, and a wealth of project management solutions to oversee your build for you and take care of the building process on your behalf. This vets builders, mediates issues, and allows regular site checks to ensure everything is up to scratch without any nasty surprises.

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