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New Build

New build and self build designs in and around Leeds by expert architectural designers

New Build or Self Build Designs

If you are thinking about building a home in Leeds, whether it is a self build, new build, or you are already a seasoned developer looking for an entire development, then our designers can help. We have all the knowledge, expertise, and skills you will need to carry out your project efficiently and effectively, meeting all your personal requirements.

We can help to create a unique home or development meeting your every need, designing each detail alongside you. We will make the necessary enquiries to your local planning authority (for a minimal fee) and produce a comprehensive feasibility report providing all of the details that you need.

A self-build home or new build development is achievable whatever your budget.

CK Architectural Leeds

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The Process

We will confirm that your new home can be built first and then the project design can begin. The project brief will be created with you, finding out your exact requirements to get the best living standard from your site and budget. We will give you a range of design options in line with the brief and give you all the options available. The design will then be completed and taken through the planning process as well as the building regulations. We can even project manage the build for you. Our design can also be produced in rendered 3D Visualisation and even walk through your designed home before finally deciding on the design.

Design options

Here at CK Architectural, we are constantly updating our knowledge of construction methods, making sure the finish is the best possible visually and that the best economically for maximum cost savings once you are in your dream home. Our knowledge of sustainable living, eco-friendly, renewable energy, fuel conservation, rainwater harvesting, solar power storage, ground source heating etc. gives you all the options to make the best decisions. Were able to combine both design elements your heart is set on as well as be innovations you might not have even heard of, all to create the perfect build.

Building and builders

With the approved drawings for your self build, new build or development design, you can now approach builders to provide quotations and price. Remember to get the finer points addressed to create an accurate and realistic approach to what your costing will look like and you have something to refer to if you should ever need to.

We have extensive construction knowledge to assist you and builder throughout if needed.

Use our drawings in line with the quotation and any additional information we don’t provide such as plumbing and electrics is agreed in detail before the first fix goes in. It will be costly changing things once the initial preparation has been built.

Our help and advice doesn’t end once you have the approved plans, we will help you throughout the construction process and visit site if required, we can also quote full project management in any package if you wish.

Project management and Extra Services

Project Management

We also host a comprehensive project management service, designed to minimise costs and stress by allowing professionals such as us to take the reins and ensure a high standard of work at the highest efficiency too.

We manage the entire build with you, tendering the contract to find the best fitted builders for the job and ensuring things are happening as planned. We address any problems with the build so that you don’t have to, reducing the stresses that come from projects as large as this.

3D Visualisation

After your initial design, we offer services such as 3D visualisation at conception to help ensure you are truly happy with your design and able to demonstrate this to others too.

This is ideal for ensuring that you are happy with every detail of your design when brought to life, and can be the perfect addition if cases are being made to stakeholders or even others sharing the accommodation

3D architectural design for newbuild house in Leeds

Structural Engineering

In addition to this, there are also services such as structural engineering, in which our specialist team work closely with all parties involved to make sure the highest quality build is occurring in a way that is not only safe, but also futureproof and going to work at it’s most efficient in the long and the short term too.

This is done by calculating structural capacities and having an incredible knowledge of materials that can be involved and utilised to make the most of your project.

Additional Services

We are able to customise the services you require into a perfect fit for you and your project. Any of the service we provide even within other services such as the stages of project management can be split to help you make them work more effectively for you.

No matter what it is that you require, or what you don’t for that matter, as a service first based organisation, we are always willing to try to accommodate your needs and give you the best experience possible.

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