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New Build

If you are thinking about building your own home, whether it is a self-build, new build or you’re already a seasoned developer, then we can help. We have all the knowledge, expertise and skills you will need to carry out your project. We can help to create a proper home, designing every detail alongside you. We will make the necessary enquiries to your local planning authority (for a minimal fee) and produce a comprehensive feasibility report.

We will confirm that your new home can be built first and then the project design can begin. The project brief will be created with you, finding out your exact requirements to get the best living standard from your site and budget. We will give you a range of design options in line with the brief and give you all the options available. The design will then be completed and taken through the planning process as well as the building regulations. We can even project manage the build for you. Our design can also be produced in rendered 3D and even walkthrough your designed home before finally deciding.


Whether you like modern contemporary, traditional or barn style design we can design to suit. Here at CK Architectural we are constantly updating our knowledge of construction methods, making sure the finish is the best possible and the house runs economically. Our knowledge of sustainable living, eco-friendly, renewable energy, fuel conservation, rainwater harvesting, solar power storage, ground source heating etc. gives you all the options to make the best decisions. Whatever you know you want, and possibly ideas and options of things you weren’t aware of, can be brought together to give you the perfect home.

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