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Garage Conversions in Leeds & West Yorkshire


Professional garage conversions in and around Leeds by expert architectural designers

Converting a Garage

We’re experts in garage conversions across Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield, with a wealth of experience working on minor conversions of small garages right through to creating complete annexes from larger sizes.

Our team of experienced architects, designers and technicians are up to date with all of the latest technologies and building processes to make your garage conversion perfect and accessible to any homeowner who is lucky enough to have a garage.

No matter what your project needs, we have all of the skills and expertise you need to make something truly incredible, from initial design through to project management too.

CK Architectural Leeds

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Designing a Garage Conversion

The first stage of the garage conversion process is to consider exactly what your project could become. There are factors to consider like heat, light and ventilation, as well as the more logistical considerations like if your garage is detached, and if it needs facilities.

It’s also important to consider the planning and building regulations aspects of the projects too. If the converted garage will be a habitable room, for example, it needs to meet certain criteria to be converted correctly (and legitimately for resale/insurance purposes).

On top of that, you then have the aesthetic aspect to consider and your preferences. That means thinking about the rest of the property, internal and external aesthetics and materials, use of glass and windows, accessibility, roofing, and everything in between. We’ll work with you throughout the design to make sure it becomes something you’ll love.

Planning Permission for Garage Conversions

The planning aspect of a garage conversion is generally fairly simple. Because of the small size and typical nature of the processes, they tend to fall under Permitted Development, which means planning isn’t actually needed. This does depend on if you’re changing the externals of the garage, however, or the overall size.

Whether you need planning permission or not, however, there are still a few areas of the planning process you can adopt to make life a little bit easier. You can have a certificate of lawful development for example, which proves you did not require planning permission and is very handy should you come to sell the property.

No matter what you need for your garage, our team will always advise you as to what we think is best for your project and can take you through the process no matter which route you wish to go down.

Building Regulations for Garage Conversions

Building regulations may be required for your project if you’re looking to create a habitable room. They are sent to building control in order to determine if your project is safe and practical to be carried out meeting all legal standards.

The drawings look at things like material use and quality, legal requirements of a build, safety and access, structural calculations, and any other necessary aspect depending on your build. We’re experts in building regulations drawings and will be happy to work with you in this area.

Converting the Garage

The final stage of the garage conversion process is the build itself. While we are not builders, we do have a network of trusted builders that we would be happy to recommend to you to take on your project.

Alternatively, we also offer a project management service, where for a small percentage of the build cost, we will work with you to select and vet builders, administer contracts to protect all parties, and oversee the build to ensure only the bets quality and efficiency without any costly surprises cropping up.

For any more information on any area of the process, contact our friendly team today and we will do everything that we can do to help.

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