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Home Improvements

Home improvements in and around Leeds by expert architectural designers

Home Improvements

Making improvements to your home is about creating a better life, and here at CK Architectural Leeds and West Yorkshire, we want you to be satisfied with every detail, therefore we work with you throughout the design processes.

Be it simple internal alterations, a garage conversion, new porch, utility room or a grand open plan living area with a kitchen extension we can create the ideal space for you and your family.

We aim to gain planning permission and building regulations from detailed plans of your ideas. We are also here to help and support throughout the process too, enabling you to be happy and comfortable with the service.

Extension Plans

If you are happy with your property but want to improve your living arrangements and add that all-important space, then an extension is the ideal option for you.

If it’s a bedroom you need then a two-storey side or rear extension will add needed space to the first floor, allowing us to create improved living arrangements for you and your family. Whether it is a single storey rear extension to enlarge your kitchen or whether you want a double storey extension to add an extra bedroom too, there is an option for you to improve the living space.

Everything we design is carried out by an expert architectural designer, with planning approval, building regulations and yourself at the heart.

Loft Conversions

Adding an extra bedroom from a loft conversion is a super way to create added space. We design to maximise the roof space with as little impact below as possible.

Loft Conversions, Roof Lifts, Hip to Gable or Dormer Roof Extensions, there are a variety of ways to get the space desired, read here for more info.

We take in to account the structural elements required and limitation of building regulation requirements as we design and, although planning permission is often not required, you will need a building certificate and the correct building regulations approved drawings to begin. We will design the best way to integrate the stairs with as little sacrifice as possible in the lower floor, whilst getting the most out of the roof.

New and Self Build Homes

If you can’t improve your home or find one on the market that ticks all the boxes, then building one yourself is always an option too.

We can help source, design, develop and get planning ready to build your own dream home, and we have a wide range of experience in making it happen.

Whether it’s a self build house design or an entirely new build development, contact us today and we’ll give you al of the advice you need to do it.

Garage Conversions

Another great way to make more space to enjoy at home is with a modern and creative garage conversion.

If they are already attached to your home, they can easily be changed to incorporate a new living room, kitchen, utility room etc.

Even if your garage isn’t attached to the main house, you have many options. A guest room can add much-needed space and some of our clients have even converted a garage to accommodate as an Airbnb.

A garden/summer room, gym or even a yoga studio, like one of our clients, can be easily achieved. Check out the before and after pictures on our Gallery

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