CKA Client Update

CK Architectural Leeds and West Yorkshire

As our everyday lives seem to have taken a back seat due to the dangers of COVID-19, we see ourselves facing uncertain times ahead. Businesses across West Yorkshire have had to make some drastic changes, as people face the challenge of working remotely the CK Architectural design team are more than used to adapting to different needs and demands. We are carrying on as normal with only a few tweaks and still providing the same excellent service.

As the government steps up to help individuals and businesses with financial struggles they will inevitably face in the coming weeks/months people have shown their solidarity and appreciation to all that are involved in caring for those stricken by this unforgiving pandemic.  Many companies face a challenge of working remotely but CK Architectural are all ready set of for this and continue to provide the great level of service they always have. We have introduced a few minor changes to our procedures to ensure that you and your home are kept up to date at all times.  Our online design service ensures that you receive a fully comprehensive service with your designs and the advice we give. We are following government guidelines and reducing the need for non-emergency home visits.

Up to publishing all planning and building control applications are still been received by the local councils but we will continue to monitor the Leeds City, Bradford, Wakefield, Calderdale and Kirklees council websites for updates.  We do expect the process to slow down slightly and have been asked to provide more photographs so that they can eliminate any non-essential visits.  By providing more details to the council it will ensure that your determination date Is still processed. 

Most building control inspectors have always worked remotely so we do not envisage any issues with them checking the plans from home.  Visits and inspection will inevitably slow down dependant on government guidelines, but still can carry out the full plan checks.

Our staff will be keeping a close eye on all applications that get submitted so you don’t have to and will update you as and when needed.

Please do stay safe, stay indoors and take care of each other.


The CK Team