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Online Benefits of Architectural Design


Online Architectural Design Service for planning and building regulations across West Yorkshire in Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Castleford and Halifax. CK Architectural Leeds have design experts ready to guide you through the process and discuss what possibilities your home can achieve.

In today’s modern technical age, we can provide this online service without having to visit the site and still with the same personal service and intuitive approach. Saving you time and money.

A comprehensive free feasibility report on design, cost, planning, building control and construction. Just spend ten minutes answering 5 simple questions and send us some photos.

Save over £200 by avoiding property visits, you can provide all the necessary information by way of email, photos and videos straight from your phone with our easy step by step guide.

Free phone consult or virtual home assessment, we can follow up our report with a phone call form one of architectural designers and technical advisors to discuss in more detail.

Fast and responsive technical support through the entire project, our dedicated and highly experienced team are on hand to guide you through the whole process.

What is a property feasibility assessment? You will have an idea of what you want to build, how much you have to spend and where you want to build. We will give you the same great advice we would during an initial meeting in an easy to read report.

Once we have all the required information, we will provide a 4-page property assessment report. This will include the following:

  • Advice on design and different options.
  • What planning application will be required
  • Costs of associated applications for planning and building control
  • Potential pitfalls on gaining planning approval
  • Advice on Building Regulations
  • Detailed quotation
  • Process flow chart

Our detailed quotation will provide a breakdown of our fee’s as well as estimated costs for 3rd party fee’s such as application fee’s, structural engineer fee’s etc.

Along with your quotation we will provide you with a project flow chart so you can see exactly what happens when and how long the process generally  lasts. This will tell you all the key stages of gaining approval from design decisions right through to approved building regulations and finding your builder.

Self Survey


Although the thought of surveying your property might be a little daunting, our step by step online guide will walk you through the process to make it as easy and simple as possible. We will make sure that we have the required information from you to produce your concept designs. Our friendly support team are always available on the telephone should you require any assistance. Once we have the measurements and few quick photographs of the area along with a brief description of your project, we can begin making your dreams into a reality.

Design phase


Firstly, we will produce the existing drawings from your survey. Then we will work with you, whether that’s over email, telephone, Skype or even WhatsApp to produce your concept designs. From there we can explore all the best design options before going through planning and building control.

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