Being one of the most popular cities in the north of the UK, Leeds is often subject to developments, and one of the latest of these comes from a development on the former site of the Leeds International Pool. Also known as the Leeds International Baths, the building was demolished back in 2009 before it became two car parks in 2010 to which it has remained until now.

Developer Lisbon Street Developments have since taken on the development plans, hoping to add a huge level of potential to the site. That’s through the use of useable office space, residential flats, and student-specific accommodation. In fact, there is talk of a 33 storey tower housing these flats and offices, as well as an aparthotel.

The development is set to be named Lisbon Square, fittingly in line with the developers, and will take place on the 2.8-hectare site. Over half of the site however will be kept as a “public realm”, allowing better use of the land by the general public and residents/guests/workers on the development. That’s alongside hopes to improve public footpaths and cycle routes around the site to ensure a high-quality area all-round.

Looking into the specifics of the development itself, Leeds Live report that there is expected to be 11,000 square metres of office space to be used, 550 student flats, 629 residential flats, and the aparthotel to go alongside this, opening the site to multiple different uses and potentially bringing a huge amount of money to the city.

Planning has not yet been submitted to the planning authority in Leeds, however, the entire planning of the development has taken place in line with general guidance of the local authority, architectural teams and their own experience, and is now going to be discussed by the planning authority to get their opinions on the project as a whole and the proposed uses. Full planning is hoped to be applied for later in 2021. That then hopefully leads to the build of the development beginning in 2022.