A proposed Amazon Warehouse near the city of Cleckheaton, south of Bradford, is receiving negative press according to local publication because of the massive impact the building will have on the area and residents in the area.

Although planning has not yet been submitted for the huge construction, local planning officers have deemed it acceptable in principle because of the impact it can have on the local economy through the provision of jobs.

The building is expected to be over 265,000 square metres in size, spanning over 300 metres in length, just under 200 kilometres in width and just short of 30 metres high, making it a truly incredible size and a potential hive of employment and business.

The site will also be home to over 900 car parking spaces and room to house over 150 HGVs which helps to give more of an image as to just how large the building is, actually taking up just short of 60 acres of land in its creation. It would be placed near the m62 providing logistical advantage but does mean that the local public may be affected by such a large operation.

The main reason for the proposed building being approved in principle is the sheer number of jobs that will be created as a result, which is over 1000 and helping the local authority reach employment targets for the next decade.

Locals are hesitant about even this, however, with similar promises being made and unfulfilled in the area within recent years, and a similar statement being made for a warehouse in St Helens that has not met the employment figures suggested either.

Looking at the public’s responses, feelings are very mixed toward the build. Quotes have been released in which the public verbalise their hope for the council to make a smart decision to prevent the build, and others have suggested that it may be best to add conditions to the approval, in which fines are placed if employment targets are not met by the development in order to prevent false promises for a cheaper acquisition of land.